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Time Management Tips

Developing the habit of sticking to schedules and routines will not end up having no time left. On the contrary, it produces more opportunity that can be enjoyed without the stress of knowing that there are urgent things that are still waiting to be done.

Here are some time-tested tips on getting the most out of time and relieving stress.

– Let others work for sixteen hours a day. You do not have to. Realize that half of the 24 hours allotted to each of us each day are to be spent for personal necessities like eating, sleeping and toilet. The remaining hours is for travelling and other personal errands. The eight hours left to work everyday is not only very reasonable it is ideal.

– Individuals may differ but for most people, the first working hours in the morning are the most productive. Use it well. Say no to interruptions that you can do without. The greatest time stealer between the phone, the visitor, the prolonged break, the e-mail and the chit-chat is the never ending “do you have a minute?” approach. 
Whenever possible say no. Allow a time each day that is dedicated to projected time lost.

– Find out why you are wasting time and have a realistic plan not to fall into the same pattern.
– Prioritize work from the most immediate to the least and work from there. You can also start from the work that you like doing least. This action plan allows you to somehow maintain your pace as the day moves on. Procrastinating on things that you do not like doing can only accumulate and create backlogs, which means poor time management.
– Allow a realistic time frame for each job.
– Delegate tasks whenever possible and do not commit to working on a project that could mean losing your personal time.
– At the end of the day, have a to do list for the following morning and stick to it.
– Use time management tolls. Different softwares are available on the net.
– Attend time management programs. If your company does not sponsor these, spend a little, you will gain more.

It is a misnomer to say that there is not enough time. For the successful and for those who are not, there is the same number of hours of each day at disposal. Time is always there in abundance. The ability to use it well spells the difference.


Proud To Be A U.S. Veteran

Today was a day that really hit me hard emotionally. Although being a mere 48 years old, when it comes to being or showing my patriotism, I am a “little cry baby”. I had an appointment at the North Texas VA Medical Hospital, and as always: I relish the time that I get to people gaze.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to have served in 2 branches of the US Military. I was in the US Navy form 1982-1986 as an Aviation Boatswains Mate Fuels (meaning – flight deck fuels) and earned a campaign medal for the Beirut/Lebanon Crisis. I was also in the US Army from 1987-1991 as a 13BJ4 (meaning – Field Artillery Nuclear Assembly) and earned 2 Campaign medals for Desert Shield and Desert Storm/Gulf War. Wow, still get the goose bumps thinking of my sacrifice to this great land I chose to protect.

Back to the VA Hospital. Seeing all those men and women that put their lives on the line for our freedom was astonishing. I saw old Veterans from WWII, the Korean War and Vietnam just shuffling around. Some were in wheelchairs, some limping, some moaning or grunting when they walked and others that had to be escorted because it seemed they didn’t even know they were there. I had to wipe tears often as I sat there waiting for my appointment.

Then I saw the most recent War veterans. That was the “kicker”. I have never seen so many amputees in one place in my life. I am talking about your service members that are in their early 20’s and 30’s that have their whole life ahead of them but without certain limbs.

We as US Americans CAN NOT take this for granted. Just look around and see who sacrificed their livelihood for your freedom. Their lives will NEVER be the same. One of the tings I do on an everyday basis is when I see a person wearing a military war veteran hat or shirt at the store, I stick out my hand and thank them for their service. I dont start a conversation, I just say thank you for your service and be on my way. You never really know how much someone appreciates the simple “thank you’s”.

I am also a Past Post Commander of American Legion Post 23 Rowlett, Texas for 2 years. And also Past Board Trustee of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5076 Garland, texas for 1 year. I love my combat comrades as much as I love myself.

I AM A PROUD US VETERAN and you should too.

Rewarding An Employee

So many times it seems that our work in an office environment or in a “cubicle farm” is never or rarely recognized. We feel like we are under appreciated or over looked upon in the big scheme of the big corporate roller coaster. Even if we just get a “pat” on the back or a soft spoken word of a “job well done”, we will feel like we have some self worth in the office environment.  But there are some things that could be done besides a “pat” on the back that would  not cost a company or an inner office budget to much. Let us look at a couple of ways that an employee might be …..(Continued on…..

Why Do We Rush In Life?

I do know that this is the time of year that we all seem to notice all the rushing around in life. But have you ever taken the time to sit down and wonder about all the other times in the year that we seemed so rushed. It is amazing to watch how people think that rushing around in everyday life will get them that extra time for other things. When sometimes when we try to rush around, it actually waste time and sometimes it ends up in an accident or an unexpected mistake.
Have you ever noticed that in the store that they have a lane that is for 20 items or less and that line is a mile long? As opposed to the other lanes that only one full cart in line. I have gone through the one full cart line quicker than the people in the 20 items or less lane. In this case, the following statement is true – Haste Makes Waste. Because as Society, we think that the speed line is usually the quickest route to buy and leave the store. If 10 people are in line with 20 items that equals 200 items to scan where as if the person with the full cart only has 75 to 100 items, they will check out quicker.
Then, there is the the rush that we all are fond of. this the rush on the road or on the freeway. I know that many of us have plenty of pet peeves when it come to driving but we have to admit that drivers that seem to be in a rush with no regards to anyone else is that major peeve. Like when the traffic is barely crawling and the “rush driver” is constantly weaving lane to lane and it always seems that no matter which lane he goes to, it is the one that is a stand still and you always pass him. LOL! and there is the electronic construction road sign that tell us that the “Left lane will end in 500 feet”. If you are like me, you change lanes way before the 500 foot mark but there are the ones that try to race down the left lane all the way to the orange markers and try to weasel their way in and almost causing a fender bender. When this happen, I guess they didn’t get where they wanted to be on time, did they?
Last, how about the employees that rush and get thing done too fast or quickly at their job. Of course, this be good and it can be bad. The bad is that it almost never fails that when you an employee gets work done to quickly, they end up getting more or or even more projects “dumped” in their laps. Now it seems that they will never get caught up with all the extra work given to them. It is like a “brown nosier” saying that they can get their work done quickly then have it “all smeared” when extra is given to them.
Remember what your Mom or your Grandmother used to say “Haste Makes Waste”. For me, I stop and smell the roses and enjoy life at the right pace, if life passes me too quickly, I might miss that one special event and never be able to make it up again.

30 minute Lunch Activities

Have you ever spend hours trying to figure out what you were going to do with the 30 minutes you have at lunchtime? It is incredible that we spend so much time thinking of how we are going to cherish a 30 minute break in our hard driven day.

The most obvious way that many spend it is catching up on the texting. All those friends we have that have nothing better to do than text us, we have to use our time at lunch catching up on all the latest news and or gossip. Or the few of us that are contacting our financial advisors (yeah right). It is amazing how much time we spend exercising our thumbs.
How about dashing to the bank to make that last minute deposit. You know the one, the one where we have to make a late payment before the end of the work day. For some reason that is unknown to man, we always wait to the last minute to make some of our payments so we have to use that cherished 30 minutes of lunch time to race to the bank.
Besides eating a well balanced lunch, this is probably the second best thing you can do in that 30 minutes. As most doctors will tell you, a brisk 30 minute walk during lunch will help you heart and well as rejuvenate the rest of your work day. I am sure many employers would advocate this so that they could squeeze that little bit of extra work out of us. But then in the long run, we know we did this walk to better our over all health. Just think how refreshed one would feel after a brisk walk to relieve all that morning work stress.
Now this one I can attest to. Being so busy during the morning, I have to play “catch up”. I mean, I have to read and answer all the emails I received that I didn’t have time to answer while doing all the projects that were given to me first thing in the morning to complete. Of course we cant answer all of them but my gosh we try.
OK, even I have to admit that this is probably the most common. As we dash out the door, drive like a Nascar driver to the nearest fat food restaurant to get that hot quick meal. Then race back to work to see if we have enough time to sit down with our friends to enjoy it. and not to mention when we do sit down to enjoy it, we might do some of the above if we have time (i.e. texting, paying bill or emails).
All I can say is that the short 30 minutes we have is precious time well spent. We might spend hours trying to figure out what we are going to do in that small time but we do get it done. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season !!