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Kirk’s Castile Soap – Review

I have tried almost everything to squeeze every penny I have to live green and this is an excellent find. Kirk’s Castile Soap is a versatile and inexpensive bar of soap. I bought mine for less than $2 at Whole Foods Market. I do know that you can use it for many things but my main reason was to find an all natural soap for the shower. Natural – no animal by-products, never tested on animals ( which even PETA would applaud), hypoallergenic, biodegradable and no synthetic detergents.

It last alot longer than I expected for a bar of soap. I used just one bar in the shower for almost 6 weeks. Keeping in mind that you just take the recommended 5 minute shower to conserve water. And by using a water efficient shower head.

The soap has a tremendous ability to lather and produce soapy suds on contact which makes it luxurious to the touch. The smell is your basic soap smell with very little if no fragrance. The scrubbing power is comparable if not exceeding of your leading commercial soap.

Holiday Gifts for the Boss

Earlier in the week, we discussed what would be a good Holiday present to give to your fellow employees. However in this second installment of Holiday gifts; we are going to give 3 or 4 ideas on what you can give your boss or what your boss can give to a fellow boss.
It is a pretty hard decision on what to give a boss or a “higher up” because you don’t want to break that fine line of “employee to boss” relationship. But if you are a boss giving to another boss, this will be easier for you.Again, these are from Amazon or from a company called – Think Geek. All you have to do is click on the photo and it will open up to either Amazon or Think Geek. This is an Uzi 5x SportScope Periscope, this is the ultimate tool that almost every “cubicle farm” boss wish they had in their arsenal. Grant you, that I wouldn’t give my boss this but from boss to boss, I can see it happening. The simple features include:  5X magnification, adjustable height 17″ to 28″, detachable handle, weatherproof and durable, lightweight aluminum construction.

We have all seen or at least heard of The Office – Dunder Mifflin, Inc. This is the famous World’s Best Boss / Dunder Mifflin Mug. This would be the perfect gift to give without having to “cross” that employee – boss line. Besides it is humorous due to the fact that the Dunder Mifflin logo is on the opposite side. To me, this is my favorite gift. this can be for your favorite boss, favorite fellow co-worker or you can just give it to yourself.  It is made from the world famous Hasbro game – Scrabble. It can be personalized with a name, a title or a saying. Also make sure you glue the pieces together (as my wife pointed out to me). The game itself features: Word-forming board game, score as many points as you can by forming words from the letters on the tiles, bonus squares on the board give double or triple letter word points, use all 7 tiles in your hand and score 50 bonus points and this is perfect for Family Game Night events. Now for the boss that thought they had it all. Now there is a cubicle doorbell available from Think Geek. If you are a boss that is in a teleconference or just plain don’t want to be bothered then this is for you. It allows you to screen who enters your office or cubicle. It features several different “sound” choices: Chirping birds, Old car horn, “Ding-Dong” doorbell, Fading laser, Knocking on door, Fog horn, Big band, “Quack-Quack”, Ring tone, Cat meowing and Chimes. It also has 3 different sound levels depending on the environment you are set in.I hope that this has helped in making your decision on what to get your boss. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season !!!

Employee Christmas Gifts

Now is the time of the year that we as office employees have to think very hard on the Christmas presents we want to give to our co-workers. Or you may have the same thing I had at my old employer and that is the Secret Santa. I like this the most because that way I can get a clever gift that is somewhat special to that individual person.
I am the kind of person that finds a gift that they will use while funny and odd at the same time. I want to share some of the gifts that were given to me over the years and I hope that you find them useful ideas as well. You can “click” on the image and it will take you straight to that item for sale on .

This is the The Butt Station -Desk Accessory : Tape Dispenser Pen Memo Holder Clip Storage. It comes in either Orange, Blue or Green. It features a pen, memo pad holder, paper clip storage and a tape dispenser. This will surely have people asking questions. As can attest to, it is also something that will bring laughter to yourself during that long hard day when you think everything is going “down the crapper”.

I just love this gift. For those of us that live in a cubicle 8 to 12 hours day, it is a way that we can express our own individual imagination on how we see ourselves. The possibilities are endless as you can have anything in your “Cubes Office” as you see fit. Such as a break room, a copy room, a board room or anything you want in your “virtual cube farm”.

How about the famous Red Swingline Stapler just like the one from the cult classic – The Office Space. This is a gift for the person that feels like they can relate to Milton at Initech. All of us that feel like we are under appreciated. This is a real working stapler that staples up to 20 sheets, plus offers the added versatility of pinning and tacking and features open-channel loading, jam-proof performance, supply indicator, all-metal body and pinning and tacking capabilities.

I know we all feel the need to let out our frustrations at the “Higher Ups”. Well now we can without them ever knowing. Something you can keep in your desk drawer out of plain sight. Just crack the drawer open; do your “thing” and close. It contains a corporate voodoo doll-complete with pins and spells-and executive spell book guaranteed to turn nasty colleagues into friendly allies So simple to let your frustrations go.
This is the time of the year that you can let your imaginations go. Please be respectful to your fellow employees feelings as you choose the right gift but have fun as you look around in different store. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.