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Why Do We Rush In Life?

I do know that this is the time of year that we all seem to notice all the rushing around in life. But have you ever taken the time to sit down and wonder about all the other times in the year that we seemed so rushed. It is amazing to watch how people think that rushing around in everyday life will get them that extra time for other things. When sometimes when we try to rush around, it actually waste time and sometimes it ends up in an accident or an unexpected mistake.
Have you ever noticed that in the store that they have a lane that is for 20 items or less and that line is a mile long? As opposed to the other lanes that only one full cart in line. I have gone through the one full cart line quicker than the people in the 20 items or less lane. In this case, the following statement is true – Haste Makes Waste. Because as Society, we think that the speed line is usually the quickest route to buy and leave the store. If 10 people are in line with 20 items that equals 200 items to scan where as if the person with the full cart only has 75 to 100 items, they will check out quicker.
Then, there is the the rush that we all are fond of. this the rush on the road or on the freeway. I know that many of us have plenty of pet peeves when it come to driving but we have to admit that drivers that seem to be in a rush with no regards to anyone else is that major peeve. Like when the traffic is barely crawling and the “rush driver” is constantly weaving lane to lane and it always seems that no matter which lane he goes to, it is the one that is a stand still and you always pass him. LOL! and there is the electronic construction road sign that tell us that the “Left lane will end in 500 feet”. If you are like me, you change lanes way before the 500 foot mark but there are the ones that try to race down the left lane all the way to the orange markers and try to weasel their way in and almost causing a fender bender. When this happen, I guess they didn’t get where they wanted to be on time, did they?
Last, how about the employees that rush and get thing done too fast or quickly at their job. Of course, this be good and it can be bad. The bad is that it almost never fails that when you an employee gets work done to quickly, they end up getting more or or even more projects “dumped” in their laps. Now it seems that they will never get caught up with all the extra work given to them. It is like a “brown nosier” saying that they can get their work done quickly then have it “all smeared” when extra is given to them.
Remember what your Mom or your Grandmother used to say “Haste Makes Waste”. For me, I stop and smell the roses and enjoy life at the right pace, if life passes me too quickly, I might miss that one special event and never be able to make it up again.


To Knock or Not to Knock

Today’s blog is being written on one of my major frustrations with being unemployed. I have been unemployed for about 10 months now and I am hating it. Blogging about the subject of unemployment is a very sticky and hard subject to blog about. Mainly due to all the pros and cons that I have been reading from all the other blogs and forums on employment. I have read many forums and blogs where people tell other people to get off their “rears” and just get a job and stop whining about unemployment of or their unemployment benefits. Well let me tell you from one educated man, times are tough and jobs are more scarce than meets the publics eyes.
Us educated people can apply at McDonalds or Burger King just to makes ends meet but these places usually “99.99%” of the time wont hire highly educated people because they are afraid that after all the fast food training, that employee will leave in a heart beat when a better job is offered to them. So they just hire high school people of people that they know wont leave. I have been scanned over on more lower paying jobs than jobs that fit my area of expertise.
Which now leads me to the Blog title – To Knock or Not to Knock. I have heard from many people that we unemployed people just need to go out and “pound the pavement” and knock on potential employers door. Well, I am here to tell you that in today age, this does not work. I cant even begin to count how many potential employers I have been to “in person” and then I hear from the front desk or from Human Resources, “we don’t take applications or resumes here, you have to get online with the companies website and enter your application there.”  Not to mention, the gas used to drive all over the North Texas Region and then come home with empty hand and empty hopes. Another wasted day, another wasted tank of gas (which is nearly $3 a gallon).You see, the frustration comes in when you enter it online, you are competing with hundreds of other applicants and you don’t know for a fact that your resume or application has even been seen. I have only received less than 10 responses in 10 months telling me that  that my resume was received or that they chose someone else. Again, I say less than 10 out of the 30+ resumes/applications sent out every week. Very frustrating during these hard times during a really bad recession.
I have a family and I WILL prevail but I ask – Do I knock or do I not knock?