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Gum In The Urinals

Some people have no cooth. It is really disturbing when I enter the men’s restroom at the airport and find all sorts of things in the urinals. There are more than half a dozen trash recepticles in the restroom and yet grown adult men find the need to dispose of gum and rubbish in the urinals. The flight passengers have no idea or even a clue that someone has to go behind them and “fish” out all the gum and rubbish that they dropped in. It is as if they want someone to pick up after them like a little child.


Video Game Stress Relieve

Everybody knows that playing with video games is a lot of fun. However, have you ever considered it as a way to relieve stress? If not, then you may want to start buying that latest video game console along with your favorite video games and start playing as research have found that playing with video games can indeed provide people with a great way to relax.

Aside from being a great tool for relieving stress, playing with video games really does have its positive effects both mentally and physically.

So, just what are the positive effects of video games?

Researches have found that video games can really help improve your hand to eye coordination. This means that you will have faster reflexes. If you love playing with strategy games, then it will improve your strategic thinking, which can help you solve problems a lot easier. Online games tend to improve your cooperative participation as it will let you play with other people.
Playing with video games has a lot of positive effects and this is also a great, easy, and cheap way to relax and relieve stress.

With today’s economic situation, everybody needs to have some cheap form of relaxation. Going to the spa to get a massage can be expensive. Because of this simple fact, it is not really a wonder why the video game industry is not really feeling the recession. There may have been a decrease in the sales of video games and video game consoles or systems but the difference isn’t really all that much.
People find ways to relax and playing with video games is a great way to relax. In fact, many experts agree that playing video games for at least 30 minutes can help you relieve stress.

So, if you remember your parents telling you that playing with video games will do you more harm than good, you may want to tell them about stress and how video games can help. You should also tell them about the many other positive effects of video games for improving motor and mental skills.

By playing with video games for at least 15 to 30 minutes a day, you will see that it will be able to help in concentrating your mind on something else that is less important. With this, you will be able to get your mind off the things that are considered to be stressful. In fact, in this short amount of time, you can even forget about the stressful day you went through.

Playing games are so effective in team building that many companies today are now incorporating team building video games in their organization to improve coordination among the different departments in their companies. Also, because playing video games relieve stress, it can also serve as a way to increase efficiency in the work place.

As you can see, because more and more companies are realizing the effectiveness and the positive effects of video games, most of them are now incorporating casual video games in the office. It helps with the overall efficiency of their employees and it also helps relieve stress. So, if you are feeling a little bit stressed, you may want to start playing with video games. Through this, you will be able to get rid of that stress you are feeling in no time at all.

Play Online Games To Unwind

Recently, many new online gaming services have been introduced. The world is having a visible affect on the online gaming industry, as more and more people turned towards playing and enjoying online games.

Games on net were once an imaginary phrase, but since the introduction of thousands of user friendly and easy operating games on the Internet, people are finding that fiction has become reality.
But, now you can read about what you want to learn and play free online games at paying no money. This is the ultimate playing way for anyone frightened by the complex layout of games. To play online games, read introduction to the games and play along.

Another main reason people want to play free online games is to get refreshed from the monotonous and hectic routine. With games on net, all of that excitement can be put into action. The people may choose to play free online games for recreation. Many people just want to chill out at the end of a day, and playing with a pool or slot machine etc. doesn’t provide sufficient amusement.

According to a leading company’s survey on online gamers, women around or above age 40 are the informal gaming hardcore, playing games at an average of nearly nine hours a week. As far as men of all age group are concerned, they spend nearly six hours gaming while women of all ages average to around seven hours per week. This show increasing urges to play online games in all age groups and both genders.

The report also unveils an interesting point, 54 percent of adults said that they play games to wipe-off stress and the 20 percent of teens who play for just relaxation. With free online games one can experience the excitement of playing, without the fear of losing any single cent. Many sites on the Internet also let you to post messages in forum and even facilitate to chat with friends while you play.

This is excellent news for gaming authors and websites, as the more-n-more people are moving towards playing online games on net, the more excitement around the globe will be.
All in all, it can be pretty relaxing experience and certainly it is becoming very popular time-pass.

Hurricane Preparedness

There is nothing anyone can do when nature decides to leash out its fury. There is no way to stop it so people should brace for the worse and seek shelter.

In order to minimize the loss of life, most towns and cities have created emergency plans. Sirens are placed in strategic locations to announce a major evacuation; the emergency broadcast system is in place in the event that power and electricity has been cut off as well as stockpiles of food, water and medicine.

Those who live in the coastal communities will usually be battered by hurricanes. This happens between the months of June until November in the Atlantic and from May to November in the northern Pacific Ocean.

When this is first spotted on radar, the forecaster will already inform the public about it. There is no need yet to panic here since the weather conditions may change in the next few hours but if there are no improvements, it is time to activate emergency procedures.

The hurricane may pack winds exceeding more than a 100 miles per hour that can make cars, pieces of metal or wood cause severe damage to the home. Households can board up the windows and doors of the house with hurricane shutters and plywood.

People will rush to the supermarket to stock up on food, water and other essentials. These include candles, batteries for the radio and the flashlight as well as fuel for the generator. All of these things are necessary especially water to prevent dehydration so every possible container must be used including the bathtub.

The most important which must never be forgotten is a medical kit. This should have bandages and some antibiotics to be able to treat anyone who is ill or injured until the person can be brought out to a medical facility for better treatment.

Should the incoming hurricane be classified as a category 4 or 5, residents are advised to evacuate and seek higher ground. It will be a good idea to travel light so only a few pieces of clothing, food and water must be brought into the vehicle. The citizens are also advised to drive slowly and avoid panicking since this could cause accidents on the road.

The hurricane will pass within a few hours. This is the only time that people will be able to go out or return to see how much damage was done. It is only after assessing the damage that towns and cities can say whether the emergency preparedness procedures that were sent in place were effective or not. One indication that it works is if no casualties are reported.  This is because a house or even a building can be repaired but the life of an individual can never be replaced.

The people who live in the household can rehearse the emergency preparedness plan to see if some improvements need to be made. This is because time is off the essence in order to be safe in this type of crisis.

Emergency preparedness is key to ensure the survival of everyone present. People who live through this annually know what to do but those who are moving into the community should learn fast to be able to survive the onslaught of the hurricane.

Do $ Dictate How Green U R ?

Do dollars dictate how “green” a person or family is? To start off this blog, I am saying NO right off the bat. I do know that it takes alot of money for a family to get and install solar panels or a windmill. It also takes alot of money to get an electric car or hybrid car.

But being a person that was hit hard by the recession with loosing a job and being unemployed for almost 2 1/2 years, we as as a family, always tried our hardest to be green.

We planted our own garden and grew alot of the vegetables we purchased at the grocery store. Not to mention, all of our garden was organic with no pesticides that the stores use or sell.

We have cut out the dryer. Which is a big electric waster. Using a line to dry our clothes saves the energy but also lets our clothes last longer without the wear and tear from the dryer.

We no longer use our dishwasher. We bought a bamboo dish dryer that is utilized almost 24/7. Along with that, we cut the use of paper plates and use our regular dishes. And also cut out using paper towels and/or napkins at the dinner table. We now use cloth napkins which has saved us alot more money than the average person would think. Have you ever sat down and really thought about how many paper towels a family uses in 1 month? We have cut this expense out.

At WalMart, we bought a blue trash can that we keep in the kitchen and recycle almost all plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and most styrofoam. As we recycle, we use the “Triangle System” for the plastics and styrofoam.

To keep our old truck out of the landfill, we sold it to a junkyard to recycle all the metal and usable parts.

Clothes was a big thing to us so we frequented all the Goodwill’s and thrift stores. I have always been told that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. This is so true when you buy from thrift stores. Why pay $30 – $40 dollars for a pair of Docker’s at the superstore when you can get almost new ones for less than $5 at Goodwill.

And you can make your own house cleaners for almost nothing. You save the environment from all those harsh chemical and save on your wallet. It is a win – win situation.

All I am saying, is that money does not DICTATE how green me or my family can be. I am a “Moniless Greenie” and proud of it.