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Different Types of Vegetarians

Many people think of vegetarians as one homogeneous group that just doesn’t eat meat. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are different categories of vegetarians as diverse as the reasons for going vegetarian in the first place.

A vegetarian is generally defined as someone who doesn’t eat meat. But someone who is vegetarian could conceivably eat dairy products such as milk, eggs and cheese. A lacto ovo vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, fish or poultry, but does consume eggs, milk or cheese. A lacto vegetarian consumes milk and cheese products, but doesn’t consume eggs.

A vegan is someone who doesn’t consume any animal product or by-product, including dairy food. They eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes. They also don’t use animal products, such as leather. Vegans also don’t use white sugar because it’s often processed with a substance derived from animal bones that whitens the sugar.

There are other categories within the vegetarian community. Fruitarians, for example, eat only fruit. Their rationale is that fruits, including fruits such as tomatoes, are self-perpetuating and don’t need to be planted to create the food source. They consider it a way of eating that’s most in balance and harmony with the earth, the most natural.

All of the above will eat cooked vegetables, fruits and legumes. There is also a growing movement towards eating only raw or living foods. This based on the assumption that cooking food processes most of the nutrients out of it, and to get all the nutritional value, vitamins and amino acids from food, its best consumed raw, or juiced. If cooked at all, it should only be cooked to slightly over 100 degrees, so the nutrients are still retained.

The more restrictive you become with your diet, however, the more educated you need to become to be sure you’re getting all the necessary proteins and vitamins that you need to maintain good health, especially muscle and heart health.


The Feeling Of Consumption

   After my last visit to my Endo and the quite lengthy consultation with her, I now feel that being an insulin dependent diabetic is very life consuming. With all things considered, I know it has to be. All the daily shots (which total 5 a day) and let’s not forget the famous Metformin (which is 2000mg per day). Then of course all the other pills like High Blood Pressure, High Tryglicerides and Depression (now is double the dose). I feel like a walking pharmacy at times.

   As for my diet, I am really trying hard to maintain a Vegetarian diet or at least the Flexitarian diet (with occzasional fish). I do know that living like this is better for the environment and for my health. I have already seen my cholesterol drop drastically. And exercise is basicall walking, yoga and light cardio at the gym. I do know some is better than none. I used to do alot of ouside gardening but the recent Texas heat has taken a major toll on my gardens. There is always next year. That is the kind of sweat I like doing.

   As for feeling over whelmed, it is the constant thinking of what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I try to keep my total meal carbs at a maximun of 40 carbs. Am always thinking of that next meal and the meds involved with that meal. What to eat before and after a workout and how much insulin is needed for that workout.

   Not to mention, the last things my Endo told me is that within a year I will be put on the PUMP. Now that was the last “needle in my haystack”. Do I feel relieved or a failure? It is just all overwhelming to me. I am just CONSUMED with diabetes at this point in my life.

Spreading the

I recently purchased the domain – . The VIP stands for Vegetarian Insulin Patient. I have pointed it to my personal profile page on SparkPeople in hopes to help spread the word of SparkPeople. I have also set up a Twitter and Facebook account with DiabeticVIP to further the spread of SparkPeople.

Since I have taken the lead to become Team Leader on 3 different teams, I feel I dont need a personal website as this will now become my main source of Blogging and getting my body fit and healthy. There is so much work and information that can be communicated here. I love this site. I feel that it is going to transform my life as well as helping other transform theirs.

All I can say is – Thank you SparkPeople for helping me become a new me.