30 minute Lunch Activities

Have you ever spend hours trying to figure out what you were going to do with the 30 minutes you have at lunchtime? It is incredible that we spend so much time thinking of how we are going to cherish a 30 minute break in our hard driven day.

The most obvious way that many spend it is catching up on the texting. All those friends we have that have nothing better to do than text us, we have to use our time at lunch catching up on all the latest news and or gossip. Or the few of us that are contacting our financial advisors (yeah right). It is amazing how much time we spend exercising our thumbs.
How about dashing to the bank to make that last minute deposit. You know the one, the one where we have to make a late payment before the end of the work day. For some reason that is unknown to man, we always wait to the last minute to make some of our payments so we have to use that cherished 30 minutes of lunch time to race to the bank.
Besides eating a well balanced lunch, this is probably the second best thing you can do in that 30 minutes. As most doctors will tell you, a brisk 30 minute walk during lunch will help you heart and well as rejuvenate the rest of your work day. I am sure many employers would advocate this so that they could squeeze that little bit of extra work out of us. But then in the long run, we know we did this walk to better our over all health. Just think how refreshed one would feel after a brisk walk to relieve all that morning work stress.
Now this one I can attest to. Being so busy during the morning, I have to play “catch up”. I mean, I have to read and answer all the emails I received that I didn’t have time to answer while doing all the projects that were given to me first thing in the morning to complete. Of course we cant answer all of them but my gosh we try.
OK, even I have to admit that this is probably the most common. As we dash out the door, drive like a Nascar driver to the nearest fat food restaurant to get that hot quick meal. Then race back to work to see if we have enough time to sit down with our friends to enjoy it. and not to mention when we do sit down to enjoy it, we might do some of the above if we have time (i.e. texting, paying bill or emails).
All I can say is that the short 30 minutes we have is precious time well spent. We might spend hours trying to figure out what we are going to do in that small time but we do get it done. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season !!

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