Monthly Archives: August 2010

Does Size Really Matter?

OK, everyone, get your minds out of the “gutter”. I am speaking of your cubicle office space. This is where many of us spend 8-10 hours of our day. You could say that it is like a second home to us. And no, I am not speaking of a spare home in the “Hamptons”. I am 6’5″ and have been in a few different size cubicles in my life.

One of my cubicles was 6’x6′. You talk about loving in a box, those years felt like it. I sympathized with all those homeless people living in Dallas’s Box City. You could not sit and stretch without hitting your elbows against the wall. With the PC, phone and all the stacks of paper, it was really hard to decorate to make it feel like “home”. It felt like a hamster in a box.

My last cubicle however was the Cream of the Crop. It was 9’x12′. I felt like it was a second home. It also had a huge 5’x7′ window on one side so that I could see that life really did exsist out of the 4 walls. I even had an end table and 2 chairs in the corner for guest. It was a slice of heaven.

So I guess in this case, SIZE DOES MATTER.