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Sending Email to 1 Cubicle Over

Some co-workers have become so lazy in their environment, that it really isnt too funny. What I am ranting about today is the over use of emails. Good grief, have you seen how dependent we as a society have become dependent on the communication with emails? In the office environment, I see that the people in just one cubicle over, would rather send an email rather than stick their head around the corner to say it. Or the co-worker that sends it ranther than walk 10-15 feet to you to say something that is really not pertainant with what is going on in the office. Then comes the co-worker that gets mad when you haven’t checked your email for over an hour and when you do finally respond, they say never mind or forget it. GRRRRRRRRR! Again (as I have said) they are only a couple feet away. Used to be that we depended on telephones too much and now it is the email. Go figure!!


Attack of the Breakroom Fridge Phantom

Being on a medical restricted diet, I get up a little earlier in the mornings so that I can measure and prepare my snacks and lunch. I relish the time I have away from my cubicle as I partake in the simple pleasure of eating. But, low and behold, not everyone can relish that time because the Breakroom Fridge Phantom has hit them.

Why on earth would someone wait till the breakroom is empty and rummage through other employee’s lunchboxs and lunch bags. Are they that hard up on saving money? Has the economy hit them that hard to steal food from the work place? Does his or her spouse really cook like a secluded maximum security prison chef?

I have yet to have any of my food stolen because they all know my medical condition. They would hate to see me flop around like a fish out of water if I dont have my regulated food. But I have seen other go to the cabinets, opening and closing all the doors and drawers searching for something as yet they dont have any food on the table or counter. Like they are searching for those last bits of morsel that are left behind. Hoping to find those expired soups, month old cookies, 6 month old chips or crackers. Then off to the fridge they go, looking in it for ever and never touching or removing anything all the while looking over their shoulders. They leave, then return seeing you still sitting there and hastly leave. Waiting for your departure so they can once again become the Breakroom Phantom.

One day I will get them back. This is Satan living in me as I do it. I will make chocolate pudding and sweets out of laxatives or manitol and leave in an unmarked paper bag in the fridge. Two hours later, we will all know who the Fridge Phantom is. May the good Lord help their butt as they sit and ponder on their sins for stealing from others.

Sound like something you have seen? feel free to share. But beware the next time you leave that leftover prime rib with veggies and that sweet succulent dessert you had last night from the Outback in the Breakroom Fidge because the ever knowing Phantom is hungry and is on the prowl.

Does Cubicle decor reflect your personality?

I get a kick walking around our corporate office looking at everyone’s different cubicle decor. Some of it is pretty cool and homey looking and some of them are about as “plain Jane” as they come. I have noticed that alot of them are decorated in the “mom” decor, meaning that they have pictures of their kids and the activities they participate in. They also have a collection of art that the kids have made for them to display. This seems to be most popular theme. Then you have the guys that have a sports theme, mainly golf or football.

I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I can only stand so much of the blue, silver and stars in my view. Watching and supporting a team is one thing but to toatally live for a team that plays less than 20 games a year is alittle far fetched for my taste. However, with golf, I do understand that this can be played year round. As with mine? I am a Office nerd. My whole cubicle is done in the Dunder Mifflin Office theme. This is a ficticious show that for some reason I can relate to.

I am not judging anyone but am just wondering how some people define their personalities with how they decorate their office space since most of us spend over half our lifes at work. Care to share?

Partially Eaten Donuts ,,,,, Yuck!

What is it with all the partially eaten donuts in the breakroom? Every Thursday, our company owner brings a huge quantity of various donuts and sweets for our main floor breakroom. There is almost always enough for everyone to have 2 to 3 sweets apiece. One can choose from sugar or chocolate glazed, apple fritters, cinnamon buns, blueberry glazed and various sprinkled donuts. So there is a variety for all to choose from.

Now comes the time when you enter the breakroom later in the morning to get a refresher cup of that freshly ground and brewed cup of java. You glance over to the table to see what is left and are amazed at what you see. You see several that have peices cut out of them and you then you see the worst of the worst. You notice there are 4 or 5 that have bites taken from them but they are left on the tray or in the box with untouched donuts. Oh, the germs that are now jumping from one donut to the other.

Why can’t they just take the whole friggin donut? If it taste bad to them, can’t they just throw it away? Are they worried about the friggin calories of the sweet they just about ate? If so, then why make others suffer at seeing your overbite or lack of teeth imprinted on that donut.

As Andy Rooney says – come on, give me a break!

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